"Why don't you wear "luxury" things 'like your friends'?"/ Eliona Pitarka: Every income we have is thanks to our work, my money hurts...

2023-11-29 13:41:10 / SHOWBIZ ALFA PRESS

"Why don't you wear "luxury" things 'like your
The well-known actress, Eliona Pitarka, is quite active in her profiles on social networks. She posts various photos and videos, including pictures with her beautiful family.

Pitarka sometimes also conducts virtual conversations with her followers on "Instagram", who are curious to know as many things as possible about the life of the actress.

But recently, one of the followers wanted to know why she doesn't wear "luxury" things like her friends. The mother of two daughters did not hesitate to reply.

The actress writes in "Instastory" that 'life changes after becoming a parent and that children are the priority'. The money she and her husband earn, she wants to invest in girls and rarely in luxury things.

"I am already a mother of 2 children, the primary thing is to work hard to provide them with everything they need without spoiling. Every income we have is thanks to our work, because none of us comes from a rich family. So I feel sorry for the money to spend on "luxury" clothes. Of course, I sometimes indulge myself, but when you become a parent, at least for me, priorities change", the well-known actress answered the person who asked her.

"Why don't you wear "luxury" things 'like your