Napoleon Bonaparte's hat is sold at auction at a staggering price!

2023-11-19 23:03:21 / TRENDING ALFA PRESS

Napoleon Bonaparte's hat is sold at auction at a staggering price!

A hat belonging to French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte went up today at the Osenat auction house in Paris' Fontainebleau.

it was not expected to sell for €600,000 to €800,000, or about $655,000 to $873,000, but it actually fetched about €1.9 million, about $2.1 million.

The black two-cornered hat is one of about 120 hats that Napoleon wore during his reign in the 19th century. He wore his hat sideways to be more easily distinguished in battle from other officers who wore their hats turned forward.

"People recognized this hat everywhere. When they saw him on the battlefields, they knew Napoleon was there," Jean-Pierre Osenat, head of the Osenat auction house, told the BBC.

"When he was hiding, he always had it on his head or in his hand and sometimes threw it on the ground. This was the image, the symbol of the Emperor. There are about 20 left that are authentic and about 15 of them are kept in the museum," he explained.

The fee of 1.932 million euros is a new record, surpassing the 1.884 million euros that a South Korean collector paid for a hat in 2014.

Napoleon's wooden box was also up for auction. It contains several of his razors, a silver toothbrush and a pair of scissors. All items come from the collection of a collector named Jean-Louis Noisiez.

While "Napoleon", a film about the emperor's rise to power, will be shown on November 22. It features Joaquin Phoenix in the lead role.


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