The Japanese method to save 35% of salary every month

2023-09-25 22:25:08 / TRENDING ALFA PRESS

The Japanese method to save 35% of salary every month

It has happened to all of us that the money we receive from the salary disappears much earlier than we expected, and this is where the real difficulties begin.

An original Japanese method called kakeibo can enter your life and change the facts, according to cnbc. The specific method that measures over 100 years of life, promises to save every month 35% of your salary and a lot of money every year.

The main thing to do is to take some time at the end of each month to record what you have spent. This will help you understand where your money has gone and especially what your unnecessary expenses have been.

Research has repeatedly proven the many benefits of writing by hand: it can help you make positive changes by encouraging you to identify the reasons for your bad habits that prevent you from saving.
According to the kakeibo method, you should ask yourself the following questions before purchasing items that may not be that necessary. The questions are as follows:

– Can I live without this item?

– Will I actually use it?

– Do I need it?

– How did I see it for the first time? (Did I watch it after I walked into a store out of boredom?)

– What is my general emotional state today? (Does it affect the purchase I want to make?)

– How do I feel about buying it? (Happy? Excited? Indifferent? And how long will this feeling last?)

In fact with this method you always think twice before making a purchase. 

When you understand where you spend unnecessarily, you will stop doing it and save a lot of money per month, even 35% of your salary. 

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