PD in front of itself, a reflection to see from the future


PD in front of itself, a reflection to see from the future
Is it possible for the DP to be resurrected, transformed into a reliable, competitive and governing alternative, after such a long struggle, a fruitless mud, an unorganized kennel, which has done and said everything for the Other, a media filth orchestrated and sponsored to hit the DP leader and his collaborators, who have managed to stay and resist, a pressure that more value has been carried by survival than growth, development and strengthening?

Is it possible for the Democratic Party to overcome this situation, to get out of this agony, to regenerate from this clinical death, not to carry hostages of the past, not to feel pain for what has gone, but to build its own path, to plow your own lane, strategize and do everything to find the right path and way to knock on people's doors and hearts?

Is it possible for the right to finally escape from the hostages of Berishism, to throw away the fears of the past, not to see with the myopia of hatred, lynching and violence of those who do not share the same opinion, not to invest in the rise of new statues, but to take care of the growth of ideas, thoughts and political projects, to get rid of laziness and to expect everything from the one, but everyone in their journey to build the one within themselves, seeing it as a responsibility to take on the shoulder and a mission that requires effort and sacrifice?

Is it possible for the right to re-dimension itself with new alliances, not with old actors, with resonant figures, not lolo lists, who just get the mandate at the expense of the DP and the Democrats, throw wickla according to the principle "I crossed the river, give me the horse"?

Is it possible for the created vacuum to be filled, the lost ground to be recovered, the past time to be captured, the void to be filled, the wounds to be healed, the structures to be completed, the strategy and the program to be built, hope to be returned to the democrats, t Is their heart filled to believe that what they say and do is the right way and the necessary imperative to respond to the concerns of society and people?

Is it possible that in this dark political tunnel, the PD will become the light at the end of it?

In this great disbelief, should the DP return the hope that politics is a means to achieve change and not an end in itself?

In this avarice, thievery, corruption, theft, accusations and counter-accusations, should the DP not become the finger that points to the Moon, but turn into the Moon that shines in the dark?

In this "everyone is the same", PD should show that it is not like the others, that the people who represent it are not there to steal with the cool, that the part that follows it from behind does not do such a thing in the hope that when they come to power, they will make up the money they lost in the opposition?

I believe that this 33-year-old is among the most difficult of this political force, but in conditions of great dissatisfaction, in a situation of extreme mistrust, at a time when more than half of the voters do not find themselves represented in any political force, at the time when all the old protagonists of the transition are under the grindstone of SPAK and under the magnifying glass of the Special Court, in the river of accusations against justice and international partners, in the field where politics is not done for people, but to save politicians from investigations and prison, at the moment when this force has been cleansed from the gangrene of corruption and from its most regressive part, the Democratic Party is the only alternative, it is the only possibility, it is the only ship left in the wild thrall of politics that can sail calmly and anchor people's expectations in the harbor of hope.

Today she is fragile and under all-round pressure, but time will work in her favor, the days will be rich, and the alliance of white hearts, prosperous minds and hands unaltered by evil, will knock for to find their likes, to make possible the realization of the change that everyone would like.

Happening now...