"They work longer hours than Europe and the region"/ Albanians face the lowest wages

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"They work longer hours than Europe and the region"/ Albanians face

According to the latest INSTAT report, Albanians have the lowest wages, but work the longest hours in Europe and the region.

A salaried employee in Albania worked an average of 43.7 hours per week in 2022, from 43.3 hours the previous year, INSTAT publishes. Other Euostat data, which measure working hours for European countries and some countries in the region, reveal that Albanian employees have the longest working hours in Europe, along with other countries in the region.

In contrast, the Netherlands had the shortest working week (33.2 hours), followed by Germany (35.3) and Denmark (35.4). Other data show that although they have the longest working hours, Albanian employees have the lowest salaries in Europe. Albania had the lowest average salary in the region in 2022, at around 520 euros. While in other European countries, the average salary is over one thousand euros per month.

" First, the worker must work as much as the contract provides. Second, if the employer asks you for overtime hours, you will see the provisions in your contract about how to pay for overtime hours and whether you care or not. Of course unpaid work has only one name meaning exploitation. And I don't believe that there is any capitalist, business owner or entrepreneur who has gone out to do charity" - said the expert on Economy, Zef Preçi.

Aktet ligjore që regullojnë marrëdhëniet e punësimit ne i kemi bashkohore, por zbatimi i tyre lë për të dëshiruar. Inspektoriati i Punës është një prej institucioneve të ngritura posaçërsith për të rregulluar marrëdhëniet punëdhënës dhe punëmarrës. Por mënyra si funksionon, stafi i reduktuar ndoshta edhe ndikime të tjera, bëjnë që ndihmesa që ai jep të të mos funksionojë.

Albania has a committee established in 2000 called the Tripartite Committee, Employer-Employee-Government. It is a well-known fact that most of the time it has been dominated by oligarchs and business organizations that work for their narrow interests. Albania does not have unions, it simply has some transmission chains inherited from communism and misused in democracy, at a time when unions have an essential role in Western Europe and developed democratic countries.


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