How true is the cocaine bear story?

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How true is the cocaine bear story?

"Cocaine Bear" is the film that premiered on February 24, 2023 and in just a few days broke the box office record earning nearly $30 million in just five days since its release.

This American comedy was inspired by the 1985 story of a bear who ended up eating almost 80 kilograms of cocaine that had fallen from a Colombian plane that was smuggling drugs across the US border via plane.

The true story of the Cocaine Bear from 1985

In 1985, a 175-pound black bear died of a massive cocaine overdose from one of Kentucky's most notorious drug-trafficking criminals.

The already made and sculpted Cocaine Bear has captured the hearts and attention of roadside travelers since it was first installed in Lexington in 2015.

Thousands of people stop there to take pictures with it, turning it into a tourist attraction.

The circumstances of his death first appeared in a New York Times article in 1985.

When a medical examiner was called in 1985 to look at the 175-pound body, he found signs of a massive overdose — cerebral hemorrhage, respiratory failure, hyperthermia, kidney failure, heart failure, strokes.

The bear's belly was so full, you couldn't have stuffed more illegal drugs if you tried.

But how did he get this way?

Andrew Thornton II, a notorious Lexington narcotics officer turned drug smuggler, fell to his death from a plane while on a cocaine-smuggling run. 

His body was found in Knoxville, Tennessee, with night vision goggles on his face and a Gucci bag at his feet. He had knives, several handguns, $4,500 in cash and a bag filled with about 75 pounds of cocaine worth $15 million.

The two deaths are believed to be linked as the bear was surrounded by 40 open containers with traces of cocaine inside. /

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