Theory/ The Eye, how bad can he get

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Theory/ The Eye, how bad can he get

"Evil eyes" are closely related not only to the use, but also to the very birth of magic. Certain people, animals, especially some reptiles, have the ability to convey evil to their relatives, cattle, trees and vegetables, in short - to all living things, by sight, look or by their very presence.

In the evening, while we were drinking tea in a dormitory room, where some friends of the group had gathered to prepare for tomorrow's exam, to everyone's surprise, the glass of tea in which my friend Sh. was drinking, broke in half, as it were cut with any diamond saw.
We were all stunned, except Sh, who began to tell us, while we for a few moments forgot the preoccupation of tomorrow's exam "...

This happens to me often. I don't even know how and when my eyes become destructive, destructive. It's enough for me to like something immensely, extremely, and... here, for example. this glass so beautifully carved, excited my feelings of greed immensely. I concentrated on it and after a few seconds it broke, even as if by a human hand...

One day, while I was coming to lectures, from a distance I noticed a guy with a business bag in his hand. At first it seemed to me that it was a group friend, but as I got closer, I realized that I was getting disappointed. I suddenly had a great desire to know what was in that bag. And when the bag escaped his hand, it fell to the ground, and opened. Some notebooks, pencils, a mirror, etc. came out of it. my wish came true... The other day, I was going to a party, at a friend's, who had her birthday. I was dressed nicely. The weather was bitter.

The rain had stopped. A car stepped on a ditch and made me dirty by spraying me. There was nothing I hated more at that moment than that car and its driver. My eyes were fixed on him. Before she had gone 20-30 meters, she hit a neon pole and was completely damaged. Fortunately, there were no injuries.

You have probably noticed that some person has deep penetrating gaze, a strange gaze, which is unpleasant and hard to bear, and which in most cases disturbs us.

When one feels this gaze, one is immediately confused and feels weak - as if there is a barrier in communication with the person who has this gaze.

We are witnessing that today even science accepts certain telepathic properties, where some people possess such abilities (predictive power, extremely developed intuition, etc.). We can say that in these mediatic skills, in any case, the eyes that take in the eyes enter.
The most frequent human reaction when confronted with the fact that he cannot explain it is to avoid it completely. This kind of ignorance solves nothing, because there are many unknowns that humanity would have to try to unravel.

One of such phenomena, which has always been written and talked about, are the eyes that often hurt you. Everyone, including historians, linguists and archaeologists, knows that it has always been believed that some of us have "evil eyes".
"Evil eyes" are closely related not only to the use, but also to the very birth of magic. Certain people, animals, especially some reptiles, have the ability to convey evil to their relatives, cattle, trees and vegetables, in short - to all living things, by sight, look or by their very presence.

To harm a person or animal can be sent a look of surprise, wonder or surprise. Sight is aided by words which the seer speaks at the same time. Evil can also be done by the person who praises and congratulates while speaking, while consciously moving away from what he is talking about. In this case, what you think comes true, because the thoughts are bad.

Science, educated people in different parts of the world, can never explain how some people apply their magical power and how with its help they promote disease, accident and even death. Anthropologists, pouring great effort, tried to discover the way in which the power to do evil to persons and things is achieved.
One of their conclusions is that "evil vision" is created by the mind itself, meaning greed and jealousy, which come from the depths of our brain.

Greed, jealousy, and the evil eye are inextricably linked, and when put together in words, they represent "evil spirits," who bring disease, disability, shock, and death to the world. Evil spirits and evil eyes from the thread of humanity were considered one.

The Sumerians, Babylonians and Assyrians are the oldest peoples in the texts whose evil eyes are mentioned. The first texts date from the third millennium BC, and form the basis of Babylonian and Assyrian magic. Arabs also believed in evil eyes and witchcraft throughout their history. The old Arabic saying goes: "If there is anything in the world that I can overcome fate, then it is the evil eye."

Even the Abyssinians, that is, the Ethiopians, were always under the fear of evil eyes, which they called "Ayenas". It is one of their legends that can still be heard to this day: "While the teacher was walking with the students near the sea, they saw an old woman sitting on a bank.
Her show itself was terrible. His eyes shone like gold, his hands and feet were like the thinnest twigs, while fire spewed from his mouth...

The students asked the teacher what they saw? He answered: She was the eye of the earth, evil and accursed; when that glance is cast upon a ship sailing at sea, it immediately sinks; when he looks at the horse, he immediately hunts the rider, when he looks at the cow, which gives milk, the milk immediately turns into blood; when he sees the mother with children, I will divide and destroy them".

The evil eye gained different names during its history, in Italy they call it "oculi maligni", in Germany "übel augen", in the Netherlands "oze blik", in France "navars ocil", in the Arabs "ain al-hasad" , etc.
There are two types of evil eyes: those who curse consciously and those who curse unconsciously. Cursing consciously, in order to do evil, is done by different people (mostly women), evil spirits, etc.

In our folk tradition they are known as witches and sorcerers. Unfortunately, it happens that even the most calm, kind-hearted, and devoted father to his children, out of ignorance, and never out of bad intention, can do harm to the one who approaches him, regardless of who he is (whether also his child). There are many people who can curse with their eyes without being aware of it.

Although it is difficult to say, who are more numerous, those who do it consciously or unconsciously, one thing is certain, both sides are dangerous in their own way.


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