May 14/ Alibeaj gathers heads of branches, candidates for 61 municipalities are discussed

2023-03-21 15:05:27 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

May 14/ Alibeaj gathers heads of branches, candidates for 61 municipalities are

One day after the meeting with the Presidency and the Parliamentary Group, the DP's Commander-in-Chief, Enkelejd Alibeaj, is holding meetings with the heads of branches. The meeting is discussing the local elections and their proposals for the lists of municipal councils and candidates for the 61 municipalities.

The meeting started at 12:00, initially with the branches of the south of the country. The meetings will last throughout the afternoon and will be discussed with the heads of the northern branches, while the meeting with the heads of the branches in Tirana has been left for 18:00, which will be the last meeting.

Alibeaj is holding these meetings in order to decide how they will turn out in these elections. So far there is no decision, but only some options put on the table yesterday's meeting. One of the proposals is to come up with candidates and lists for Municipal Councils in 61 municipalities, but there were 2 other options. A day ago, Alibeaj replied to Berisha, making it clear that he has candidates for 61 municipalities.

The second option that has been discussed is going out with only members for the municipal councils, a thesis raised by a few people at the meeting. The other scenario left open for discussion is the one proposed by deputies and members of the Presidency, according to which they should come up with lists for municipal councils in 61 municipalities, but not for mayors in all local government units. So, in some municipalities, they should be left to the candidates of 'Reestablishment', a request that has also come from the branches of the party, such as the one in Vaun e Deja or Elbasan.

So far there are only options and no decisions from the official PD, and it should be noted that time is not in Alibeaj's favor! This is because on March 27, the official deadline for registration and submission to the CEC of lists for mayors and municipal councils ends.