Pea soup

2023-10-01 08:09:47 / RECETA ALFA ALFA PRESS

Pea soup

Pea soup, low calories and zero cholesterol!


500 grams of peas

750 ml of chicken stock

120 ml of milk cream

250 grams of chicken breast

60 grams of butter

1 onion

Salt and pepper.


Fry the onion in a pot with butter. Add the peas, chicken stock and simmer for 15 minutes. Wait for them to cool down a bit and puree them with a hand blender.

Now add mint, milk cream, salt and pepper. Stir well.

Meanwhile, fry the chicken breast with a little butter in a pan and at the end add 1 slice of bread, cut into cubes.

Serve the soup by adding 1 mint leaf and toasted bread.

Enjoy your meal!

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