"Dung, dung"/ "The audience has decided...", who made the sound when Arbana says the eliminated

2023-03-31 18:38:48 / SHOWBIZ ALFA PRESS

"Dung, dung"/ "The audience has decided...", who made the

One of the sounds that we all remember from the Big Brother shows is definitely the sound of the gong when Arbana is waiting to say the name of the eliminated.

The suspense since Arbana receives the envelope with the name of the eliminated or even the winner in the end, makes us all breathless.

But we may have often wondered who is behind the creation of this sound.

He is Besnik Gaçe. The latter has shown the history of the creation of this musical base:

"We come from Top Fest, and then we were missing a sound when a song was nominated. There was a shortage. We went online to look for something, but none of us could find it. He became the reason as soon as Big started, the folders with trinkets came to us, but we couldn't find anything. We understood that something was needed, they told me to give it a try, do something. I go to the studio at that time and in 15 minutes I did this, I did it very quickly. When I do something I want to go beyond the superficial. From then on it went up, and it never changed," Gaçe said.

"Dung, dung"/ "The audience has decided...", who made the






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