Armand Duka shows the relations between Broja and Sylvinho

2023-11-29 13:48:21 / SPORT ALFA PRESS

Armand Duka shows the relations between Broja and Sylvinho

The head of the Albanian Football Federation (AFF), Armand Duka, has recently confessed about the relationship between the Red and Black striker Armando Broja and coach Sylvinho.

Albania managed to qualify for Euro 2024 after an extraordinary qualifying campaign where they reached the first place in the group, leaving behind teams like the Czech Republic and Poland.

However, the red and black superstar, Broja, did not play a single minute in the qualifiers. Many suggested that there is a clash between him and coach Sylvinho. The words continued to flow even though both the player and the coach have denied several times a rift in the relationship between them.

Recently, the Duke himself has been involved in this debate. The number one of football in Albania, speaking about "Tribal Football", emphasizes that the attacker and the coach have good relations.

"I have been asked about this many times and I will continue to say that there is no problem with Broja. I don't want to say that it is fake news, but there is a need to clarify things", said Duka.

Broja has been sidelined for a year with a serious injury and I hope Armando improves. He is a very good player, a precious talent, a player that Albania has rarely seen in our history. Broja is very important for the national team and I am sure that he will be part of the national team" , continued the head of the AFL.

In fact, Armand Duka expects to see Broja in optimal form for the Euro 2024 finals to be held in Germany next summer.

" Because he has been out of the national team for some time, his challenge is to integrate as quickly as possible with this group of players. This group of players has been fantastic and is winning. Now Broja must find space and become part of this group ", said Duka.

" Knowing his professional level, I am sure that he will overcome this challenge and will be part of the team in the near future ", concluded the head of the Albanian Football Federation.