WhatsApp introduced Companion mode for iOS users

2023-06-03 00:15:45 / TRENDING ALFA PRESS

WhatsApp introduced Companion mode for iOS users

WhatsApp users using Android devices have had access to Companion Mode for about a month now, and now iOS users have joined them.

Companion is a feature that allows you to connect up to five mobile phones with one WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp version 23.10.79 brings the new Companion feature, which can be downloaded through the App Store.

As on Android, the iOS version of WhatsApp synchronizes the history and all messages of the user and displays them on all his devices.

It must be said that the company made sure that all conversations remain under end-to-end encryption.

However, some features such as status remain available only on the "main" device.

The new version of WhatsApp automatically displays GIFs in chats without you having to tap the message.

WhatsApp for Business Android users will get the status archive feature that was spotted in the beta version of the software. This feature allows business users to archive certain account statuses and reuse them in the future when needed.

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