"Eternally", the newest musical project from Luiz Ejlli is expected to be released today...

2023-06-03 16:58:19 / SHOWBIZ ALFA PRESS

"Eternally", the newest musical project from Luiz Ejlli is expected to

Just a few weeks ago, the singer Luiz Ejlli finished his Big Brother experience where he won the big prize. His participation led him to return to the stage and work on new projects. Less than a week later, a super news came from moderator and actor Donald Veshaj and it was about a song with Luiz. They published a video on Instagram, through which they announced their project and then the song, titled "Dy Shotsa", made its first appearance on the show "Let Me Talk".

It seems that the winner of 'BBV 2' has no intention of wasting time and will bring to his followers another musical project entitled 'Eternally', but this time not in collaboration. For all of you who are eagerly waiting for it, you won't have to wait long as the song will be released today at 7 PM. His fans can be excited to hear his unique voice and style in music.

We remind you that, after he left the house, there were also hints that the relationship between him and Kiara Tito has ended. They have posted quite often, disparaging these lies. Recently, Kiara has posted on her Instagram account a photo with Luiz, closing the "evil mouths".




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