The name of Eldi Dizdari, Hoxhaj, appears: Eldi ordered the murder of Adrian and Lul Masha. Dumani: Sueli asked me

2023-12-11 13:41:59 / AKTUALITET NGA ELTON QYNO

The name of Eldi Dizdari, Hoxhaj, appears: Eldi ordered the murder of Adrian and

Henrik Hoxhaj, one of the first SPAK prisoners in the "Golden Bullet" operation, has revealed another name as the orderer of the gun attack on the businessman and owner of the "Willson" school, Lulzim Masha.

Hoxhaj has shown that the man who talked to Nuredin Duman about the murder of Lulzim Masha, is Eldi Dizdari, a person who was the protagonist in the massacre of the former block that happened on October 4, 2018 and an individual who is known as one of the big cocaine traffickers from Latin America to Europe.

Henrik Hoxhaj's statement was made before the special court, where the preliminary hearing was held against the defendants of the "Dumani" file.

With this statement given, Hoxha reveals the credibility in this criminal event of Nuredin Duman, who has told SPAK prosecutors, that it was Suel Çela, who had submitted a contact in the "Matrix" application to finish the work of the attack with gun to Lulzim Masha.

In fact, Dumani says that he received the contact from Suel Çela, but he does not say who was the person who followed the communications and signed the death contract, in exchange for 150 thousand euros to kill Ardian Masha first.

And unable to find Ardian, the plan has changed by shooting his father, Lulzim Masha.

This contact came out in today's session, where Henrik Hoxhaj told the court that the man who spoke with Nuredin Duman and was interested in killing Ardia and Lulzim Masha, is exactly Eldi Dizdari.

These statements of Henrik Hoxhaj come only 5 months after the three SPAK prosecutors decided to revoke the status of the prosecutor's associate, giving him the same status as the other defendants.

During his speech, Henrik Hoxhaj addressed the court with an interesting request, to restore the status of prosecutor's associate.

Hoxhaj's status was revoked in July 2023, as according to three prosecutors, he refused to cooperate to reveal the other persons involved in the assassination of Filip Gjelos, Agim Boriçi in Fier and the murder of Elvis Dedaj in Durrës.

At the same time, according to SPAK, Hoxhaj has not been cooperative in the story of the role of Renato Saliu, in terms of the attempted murder of Agim Boriçi and Arben Isufaj.

With the removal of the status, Hoxhaj no longer benefits from the reduced sentence. Hoxhaj has been the closest collaborator of Nuredin Duman and his group in several murders and attempts, as well as other crimes./ Oranews




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