"I don't know where I found the strength"/ the 19-year-old confesses her horror after Marash Gjoklaj tried to rape her inside the store

2023-11-29 12:44:41 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

"I don't know where I found the strength"/ the 19-year-old

In the center of Tirana, a few days ago, a 19-year-old woman was attacked by a person who tried to get her into a warehouse near the business where she worked to have sex with her.

The author has been identified as Marash Gjoklaj, 27 years old, who was put in handcuffs. The young woman confessed exclusively in "Me Zemër te Hapur", everything that happened:

" I am a student and I work in the afternoons to secure my income. I work near a business in the center of Tirana, to remove my student expenses. My family is far away and I live with my sister. On Saturday November 25th, that day I was at work as usual, it was very cold and I kept the shop door closed. At around 18:00, a guy enters, who asked me to serve him and his behavior for a product related to his girlfriend, who described her body shape with unethical words.

After I gave him the answer he deserved, as his behavior was provocative, he left calmly and in those moments, apart from the behavior, I did not consider it as something disturbing that should concern me. Around 8:10 p.m. after seeing the security guard of the adjacent business leave near my store, the boy re-entered the store and at that moment I was near the work desk, he approached me addressing me with a banal vocabulary, asking to have sex sexual with me. Encountering my objection, he attacked me by grabbing my hair and putting his hand over my mouth. He tried to force me into the warehouse of the store, at these moments the physical fight took place, trying to take the phone so that I would not have the opportunity to ask for help.

I don't know where I found the strength and courage, I dragged myself out of the store screaming and asking for help, which I found in a girl and a boy who happened to be passing by. The aggressor was inside and when he saw that I was being helped he quickly left in an alley very close to the business. At 20:18 I notified the operating room and the police came very quickly to the scene.

From my description, it appears that the person in question attacked another saleswoman on Dibra street at the age of 20 and threatened her with a knife two days ago. From the cameras of the other business I discovered that it was the same person who attacked me.

He was caught in the apartment in the presence of his family members, where the sweatshirt he wore in both attacks was also found. After the police confrontation, I was able to identify him, he was even laughing and drinking water at the same time. There I learned that this person had been convicted of sexual relations with minors and the court had released him on bail. I hope that this time the court and the institutions do not do the same, as my biggest fear is what will happen to me or even more other girls who feel unsafe in our workplace. "- she said.