Marijuana plantations are discovered in Spain, the police arrest 8 Albanians

2023-11-29 09:12:44 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

Marijuana plantations are discovered in Spain, the police arrest 8 Albanians
Spanish police have dismantled three marijuana plantations in the Chiva locality of Valencia, which contained about 1,300 plants with a total weight of 480 kilograms. In this operation, eight Albanians were arrested, from 19 to 49 years old, who are accused of the criminal offenses of membership in a criminal organization, drug trafficking and electricity fraud.

Police officers discovered the presence of several individuals traveling in a rental van and making purchases of materials compatible with the maintenance of marijuana plants (LED lamps, air conditioners, fans, etc.). The first observation made it possible to discover that this material was stored in a house in an urbanization in Chiva, which had an illegal connection to the electricity grid and the surroundings of which smelled of marijuana.

Those responsible for this cultivation also traveled to another luxury property in another nearby city and in the vicinity of which the Police Air Service confirmed the existence of a significant open-air marijuana plantation.

Days later, the investigators moved part of the infrastructure to a new point in the city of Chivas. Because of these events, three house searches were conducted, in which two indoor marijuana crops with more than 100 plants and one outdoor plantation where more than 1,125 large plants were seized. Another property was used as a drying area for the material and the third as a residence for the organization's leaders, which also served as a storage and packing center for the buds.

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