The Vatican accuses the 'rebellious' bishop Vigano of 'deviation from the line'/ Trial

2024-06-22 22:08:43 / BOTA ALFA PRESS

The Vatican accuses the 'rebellious' bishop Vigano of 'deviation

The Vatican is known to have today summoned Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò to a state criminal trial for the 'crime of deviation, denying the legitimacy of Pope Francis and the Second Vatican Council', announced the headquarters in Rome.

The development comes after Archbishop Viganò has repeatedly spoken out against what he considered transgressions or injustices by the seat of Pope Francis for several years, since the policies of the time of the pandemic, and earlier for the reinstatement of homosexual abuser Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, despite the evidence of his guilt. his.

The 11-page document states that Viganò mentioned that “Cardinal McCarrick was under severe restrictions from 2009-2010 for his violations, but the Pope later lifted the sanctions and made him a close personal adviser.

Viganò had asked for the Pope's resignation, declaring: "Francis is rejecting the mandate that Christ gave to Peter to confirm his brothers. And indeed, with this action he divides them, pushes them towards error and incites the wolves to tear apart the herd of the people of God".

The bishop added further: "At this dramatic moment for the Church, he must admit his mistakes and, according to the principle of zero tolerance, be the first to set a good example to those who have covered up the abuses of Bishop McCarrick, and resign with them ".

Now the Vatican's doctrinal office, headed by Argentine Cardinal Víctor "Tucho" Fernández, has ordered the former Vatican religious diplomat to appear in Rome to face the charges in person or with a representative.

Bishop Viganò announced today on social networks: "I have been called to the palace of the Holy See to give an account in a court session, but I believe that the sentence has already been prepared, as it is an extrajudicial process".

Viganò added that he considered the charges against him "an honor."

"I believe that the wording of the charges confirms what I said in my previous speeches."

The archbishop, known for his anti-isolation and anti-vaccine rhetoric during the pandemic, added that he could not remain indifferent to the "systematic destruction of the Church by its leaders", implementing the globalist agendas of "uncontrolled immigration," "policies of integration of religions and cultures,” LGBTQ ideology, and “and climate agendas.”

"The Pope goes beyond his role in relation to science, but surprisingly in a direction always opposite to what the Church has always taught us," added Vigano.

"The Pope is totally aligned with the religion of the Davos (FEB) forum, and this is something scandalous that makes Catholics feel abandoned by the Vatican and the bishops," Vigano wrote further, according to the American conservative network Breitbart.

"The 'synod' church led by Pope Bergoglio does not see any deviation in the German episcopate, where the bishops appointed by the government receive the current titles in China, without the mandate of Rome".

"The Catholic Church, slowly but surely, has been taken hostage, turning into a philanthropic agency at the service of the New World Order," wrote the accused bishop.

Catholic author Dr. Taylor Marshall, says that the called trial will probably lead to the dismissal of Viganò "but it will also be harmful to Francis" because according to the expert, "the Pope will win the battle, but during it he will receive the fatal wound". //