Why do some want to absorb Lulzim Basha in the mire of conflict politics?!

2023-11-27 15:22:12 / EDITORIAL NGA BATO KOSOVA

Why do some want to absorb Lulzim Basha in the mire of conflict politics?!

The last one to ask where Lulzim Basha is, because there is no information about him, was Edi Rama.

The paradox did not lie in the question, but in the participants, who just a few minutes ago had separated from the table of Lulzim Basha's proposals for Electoral Reform, Veting in Politics and the Vote of Immigrants.

Apart from Rama, every day Lulzim Basha is "provoked" with a mountain of unfounded accusations, slander, fabrications, tricks, lies, a thousand blacks..., by Sali Berisha and his political and media apprentices.

They want to put him in their "trap", to make no difference, having no difference.

To keep the theater of accusations and conflict lit.

Even, sometimes he is forcefully asked by "his own people" to come out, react, attack, become part of the political and media "battle", because this is the only way he can ensure his existence.

But, despite everything, Basha preferred to leave them alone in the last theatrical act and deal with the people and the construction of the alternative

He chose this way, not because he is sleeping, as they like to accuse him.

He chose another path, perhaps more difficult, longer, but safer.

Through his tour throughout Albania, through the restructuring of DP structures, after the fratricidal war and the fierce conflict at the base, Basha is gaining time.

And time in politics is the biggest, strongest, surest ally.

While Berisha and Meta's time has run out, due to the accusations and their hopeless confrontation with SPAK, Rama has run out of candle oil, due to the consumption and galloping corruption of all the capillary structures of the government, Basha's time has the only sure ally.

He is in no hurry, because Lulzim Basha knows better than anyone that the Bermuda Triangle is destined to fall apart, gradually but eventually.

The Prosecution and the Special Court are hyper political mechanisms, which will do their job, crushing the system with all its remnants of 30-year-old politics.

That's why Basha has not chosen to be a part of this show that is destined to end in the crumbling of the stones of Mokra, but to build another, reliable and comprehensive alternative.

Of course, this chosen path has its limits, but there is still some time...

The winter of politics will take its toll, SPAK will crush them, without return, without distinction, without compromise.

It is the only way, there is no other way....

Happening now...