Reconstruction beyond 2024, where the 115 million euros of the revised 2023 budget are going

2023-12-11 08:33:28 / EKONOMI&SOCIALE ALFA PRESS

Reconstruction beyond 2024, where the 115 million euros of the revised 2023
The Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, in an official response to "Monitor", asserted that the value of 7 billion lek that is foreseen in the next year's budget is not enough to financially cover the needs of the projects that are still ongoing.

"Regarding the investment projects within the reconstruction process, which are the continuation of the approved funds and the funds allocated so far, the needs for funds for the financial closure of these projects go beyond the reconstruction fund, of 7 billion ALL, of expected to be approved for 2024" says the response of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy.

A few weeks ago, with a normative act, the government changed the 2023 budget, reallocating another 12 billion lek for the reconstruction program, which seems to have gone to almost all the local units affected by the earthquake of November 26, 2019. It is about projects approved earlier in the years, but not financed.

"Referring to Article 7 of Law no. 84, dated 24.11.2022 "For the 2023 budget", as amended, the reconstruction fund, approved for 2023, was used to cover costs for approved and unfunded projects of previous years.

All the local self-government units that were affected by the natural disaster, the earthquake on 26.11.2019, specifically the municipalities of Tirana, Kamzë, Vorë, Kavajë, Rrogozhinë, Durrës, Krujë, have benefited from the reconstruction fund, approved for 2023. Shijak, Lezhë, Kurbin, Mirdita, as well as the Albanian Development Fund and the Ministry of the Interior, in the capacity of the implementing unit" underlines MIE.

Reconstruction, 730 million euros from 2020 to November 2023

From the beginning of 2020 until November 2023, the actual expenses for reconstruction, the largest program ever implemented by a government in our country, were about 80 billion lek (730 million euros), according to official data of the Ministry of Finance.

This program was launched in order to recover from the consequences caused by the devastating earthquake of November 26, 2019 and still continues with open construction sites and thousands of families continue to remain in rented apartments waiting for the promised house.

Reconstruction also had contrasts in implementation, where donor-managed projects ended while budget-supported projects continue. In this context, the comparison is simple.

Turkey, which engaged in a large project in Laç, completed in record time the construction of over 500 apartments that were then handed over to the citizens. Thumana was completed sooner, where 278 apartments and 155 individual units were built.

A little more than 500 individual residential units have been completed since last year also in the surroundings of Tirana in areas such as Vaqarri, Zall Herri, Ndroqi.

The two new neighborhoods that are being built in the capital due to the reconstruction, such as "5 Maji" and "KombinArt" are still in the process. In Durrës, so far, 331 families have received a new apartment, but the majority are those who have not yet received one and are expected to be transferred to Spitalle, where the works continue./MONITOR