"Checkmate" with mandatory definition in PL

2023-03-20 16:12:09 / IDE NGA EDLIRA DEVOLLI LEKA

"Checkmate" with mandatory definition in PL

Berisha has been caught "checkmate" by the CEC. It no longer exists. The immediate movement was for right-wing candidates and voters to orient themselves towards PL.
The crime he is committing is so serious, we can say the worst that could have happened in Albanian political pluralism.

This definitely brings to attention the event of 2004 when the LSI made the "split" of the SP and the loss of the elections by the left in 2005.

Analyzing the history only in these two data, it is proven that between them is a bargain and not the preservation of the interest of the right or its voters.

I am sorry to admit that the voters of Ilir Metaj's coalition will be joined by right-wing voters.

The damage caused to the Albanian right has only one name, the personal plight of Sali Berisha and the head turned back to Ilir Metaj.

I am convinced that they made a mistake on the account!


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