President Biden called on Congress to continue aid to Ukraine

2023-10-01 21:28:37 / KOSOVA ALFA PRESS

President Biden called on Congress to continue aid to Ukraine

President Joe Biden said Sunday that US aid to Ukraine would continue for now, as he sought to reassure allies of continued US financial support for the war effort.

But time is running out, the president said in a warning to Congress.

"Under no circumstances can we allow American aid to Ukraine to be cut off," President Biden said during a speech from the White House after temporarily avoiding a shutdown of the US government.

The measure passed late Saturday provides government funding until November 17, but does not include aid funds for Ukraine's fight against Russian aggression.

President Biden emphasized the great urgency of providing aid to Ukraine, noting that the financial agreement lasts until mid-November. Mr. Biden asked Congress to negotiate an aid package as soon as possible.

American lawmakers who support Ukraine's fight against the Russian aggressor say they will not give up. However, many lawmakers acknowledge that it has become difficult for parties in Congress to agree on aid for Ukraine.

Republican resistance to aid for Ukraine is growing in Congress. A vote in the House of Representatives last week showed that about half of Republicans voted to strip $300 million from a defense spending bill to train Ukrainian soldiers and buy weapons./ VOA

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