Court proceedings drag on in Kosovo, divorces take up to three years

2023-12-11 08:50:14 / KOSOVA ALFA PRESS

Court proceedings drag on in Kosovo, divorces take up to three years

Over 80% of divorce cases are based on domestic violence, while these cases last up to 3 years in court.

Divorce of couples can be done in two forms, by agreement or by lawsuit by one party, the latter may take longer due to the circumstances of the case. Lawyer Anton Nrecaj says that divorce cases drag on in court due to the large number of civil cases.

"Yes, it is a constitutional obligation, which we also have a legal obligation, for our courts to implement the principle of a fair trial within a certain period. It is provided for by the European Convention on Human Rights and Freedoms and unfortunately this is not respected at all in practice, especially in civil cases", stated Nrecaj.

According to him, about eighty percent of the cause of divorce between couples is domestic violence, which is a concern for him. "Despite the fact that these cases are sensitive, unfortunately the majority of divorces that occur in Kosovo are the result of domestic violence," Nrecaj said.

In the Kosovo women's network, they say that the courts should not prolong the procedures for divorce cases, as often happens in practice. "Victims of domestic violence, women and girls are constantly threatened so that they do not report domestic violence. In addition, the Kosovo women's network is also witness to the fact that even in cases of domestic violence, divorce cases remain in the judges' drawers for years."

The Judicial Council of Kosovo has said that they are verifying the accuracy and quality of statistical data regarding divorce cases. According to the Statistics Agency of Kosovo, in the year two thousand and twenty-two, two thousand and eighty-eight divorces were registered in Kosovo.