Berisha's deputies block the normal work of the Parliament, Rama's deputies make fun of people in online meetings

2023-12-11 15:44:55 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

Berisha's deputies block the normal work of the Parliament, Rama's

It seems that there is an excellent coordination between what the deputies of Sali Berisha's "Reestablishment" group do with those of Edi Rama's Socialist Party.

The first pretend to fight, do not allow the normal development of plenary sessions and parliamentary committees, the second pretend to gather online and, instead of doing their constitutional duty, make fun of people.

An unprecedented case happened today, where the deputy of the SP, Jurgis Çyrbja, could not read the draft law in the Zoom program as a result of laughter.

It was the meeting of the Laws Committee and MP Çyrbja was in the capacity of relator of the draft law.

It seems that Çyrbe is harassed by someone else in his office, but such an action is not only childish and unbecoming of a legislative member of the Republic of Albania, but, above all, it is a great indicator that, while the deputies of Berisha pretend to light the fire and flame in the Parliament, Rama's MPs pretend to gather and discuss important draft laws online.

After the deputy of Shijak, the other deputies also laughed and could not keep their seriousness, even though they were in an online meeting, where the citizens were following them.

It is enough for Albanians to see these scenes, analyze them and come to their own conclusions.


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