"Don't you want me to take you to early elections?", what irritated Rama and the socialist deputies

2023-12-11 13:18:43 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

"Don't you want me to take you to early elections?", what
The Socialist Party gathered the parliamentary group today and Prime Minister Edi Rama started it with criticism against the socialist legislators.

What irritated the head of the government was the fact that when he went to the meeting organized in the Presidency of the Assembly, he found very few deputies there.

"Too late, they should have come here 1 hour earlier. Do you want me to take you to early elections?" Rama is said to have addressed the socialists.

The parliamentary group of the Socialist Party met today to discuss the next parliamentary session, which is expected to approve changes to the Assembly's regulations.

The recent behavior of the Opposition MPs, with smoking, throwing chairs and even lighting a fire, made the majority demand a change in the regulation.

According to this request, it is expected that the disciplinary measures will be toughened. An exclusion of up to 2 months is also foreseen for the MPs who violate these measures.

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