"He said he entered politics rich"/ Hoxha: How Ahmetaj made his first million

2023-03-21 15:38:00 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

"He said he entered politics rich"/ Hoxha: How Ahmetaj made his first

Journalist Poli Hoxha was invited this Tuesday in a direct connection with the studio of Euronews Albania, where he spoke about the official accusation by SPAK against the former deputy. Prime Minister Arben Ahmetaj.

Hoxha said that the investigators have sifted through all of Ahmetaj's property and the statements made by him over the years.

The journalist brought to attention the statement of the former deputy. to the prime minister that he "entered politics rich".

Hoxha said that Ahmetaj made the first million through the Hermes company, for which he was investigated in connection with telephone impulses.

"As far as I know, Mr. Ahmetaj has received all the documentation for the declaration of wealth over the years. His personal wealth has been identified that I entered politics rich, with the history he had with the Hermes firm. He was investigated, fled to Romania then, returned in 2005, ran for deputy in unit number 7 of Tirana.

In other words, the first million, which is said, don't ask me for the first million, he lost it with the impulsive issue of Telekom and the famous company Hermes" , said Hoxha.




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