Kozak Braçi: I earn up to 50 thousand euros per month from "TikTok"

2024-02-26 22:10:59 / SHOWBIZ ALFA PRESS

Kozak Braçi: I earn up to 50 thousand euros per month from
Kozak Braçi, in a skype connection with the show 'Te Paespozuarit' on MCN TV, has shown how his career started on TikTok. He says that everything started from his interviews with well-known personalities from the world of 'show biz', while he says that his monthly earnings from this social network can go up to 50-60 thousand euros per month. According to him, the problem does not lie with "TikTok", but measures should be taken for those people who swear and do inappropriate actions.

" I have started to become famous for the interviews I do on Instagram with all the pop stars. On tiktok they take me and make me viral like I'm talking to you now for example it's not that I deal with it. In tiktok, people who don't even know each other earn money by making gestures and actions, and we get away with it. Many people have won a lot of money and I am one of them.

I make 50-60 thousand dollars a month from tiktok. I enter many live shows and since I'm famous, my family insults me, they insult my mother, my wife, they insulted me for 5 months and now I'm human and I'll answer you. When they violate the family for 5 consecutive months with blood, it's me too. I'm not known on tiktok for swearing, I'm known as Cossack for interviews.

In Albania there should be a policeman who deals with tiktok and who swears and who does inappropriate actions should be punished because they are not normal things. Apart from playing games and talking, I didn't do anything else. I don't spend much time on tiktok, 1-2 hours at most. The rest of the time I spend with my daughter-in-law, my son, my parents, because I live my life 24 hours a day with tiktok. I deal with the show, this is my job", he said.

Asked about the "live" hostage taking days ago, Kozak said that "this station has this dairy".

"For these conversations, you insult me ​​and sometimes they get serious. If you deal with these jobs, you may have problems without looking for them. This stall has this dairy. There are 5-6 people who are idiots who do not do anything and it is not their fault that tiktok is the problem, measures should be taken for them.

They called me once for a video they made of me many years ago that I wasn't famous at all, now they put it out to attack me for profit. The police did their job, questioned me and ended there. We Albanians go where there is a fight" , he said.

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