PHOTO/ Fireworks and songs, Albania "burns" for the qualification, UEFA welcomes it: Celebration in style

2023-11-21 13:16:33 / SPORT ALFA PRESS

PHOTO/ Fireworks and songs, Albania "burns" for the qualification,
It was designed to be a big party, but the X's scoreless performance against the Islanders dampened the atmosphere a bit. Apparently, after mathematically securing a ticket to "Euro2024", or rather after defeating the Czech Republic 3-0, Sylvinho's boys somewhat slowed down, this is natural, but in any case, for the fans who love him with all their hearts For the national team, the last two draws did not leave a good taste for the fans, who in this qualifying campaign, as never before, showed an extraordinary interest.

Their choreography and support in the stadium was limitless, for this reason they demanded against the Faroe Islands at all costs that we end it with victory, but this was not said. Sylvinho's boys were not on their best day, they did not produce much in this meeting, especially in the offensive phase. Despite this ending, the "Air Albania" stadium and all the streets of Tirana were involved in the emotions and celebrations for this qualification in "Euro2024".

Song, fireworks and applause for Sylvinho and the red and black boys who secured a ticket to the European Championship for the second time. The party was then moved to the streets of the capital and all over the world where Albanian is spoken.

PHOTO/ Fireworks and songs, Albania "burns" for the qualification,
In this case, UEFA's congratulations were not missing either: Albania's celebration in style, writes the official website of the European football government.


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