Touching story! What is hidden behind Yamal's celebration with the number '304'

2024-07-10 17:51:30 / SPORT ALFA PRESS

Touching story! What is hidden behind Yamal's celebration with the number
Lamin Yamal is living the biggest dream any teenager could have, being an important part of the Spanish national team, which sees itself in the finals of Euro 2024.

Just before turning 17, the youngest scorer in the history of the European and World Cups, made the whole planet talk about the historic goal he achieved against France in the semi-finals.

Last evening, after sending the ball into the "turkeys" net in the 21st minute of the match, he ran towards his team's bench celebrating with his teammates.

As part of his celebration, he forms a 3, a 0, and a 4 with his fingers (304). And this for a touching reason.

These are the last three digits of the postal code of the Rocafonda neighborhood (08304), one of the poorest neighborhoods in Catalonia, which the far-right VOX called "multicultural garbage".

Yamal grew up in Rocafonda. Most of his family still lives there. In fact, outside a small bakery, until recently run by his cousins ​​and Abdul's uncle, is a mural of Yamal wearing a Barcelona jersey, surrounded by the flags of Morocco (his father's country of origin ) of Equatorial Guinea (his mother) and Spain, where he was born.

Rocafonda is one of the poorest neighborhoods in the Maresme area of ​​Barcelona. However, Yamal has consistently embraced his roots and his celebration acts as a nod to his hometown.

Meanwhile, his family watched Spain's qualification against France from the stands, where his sister and he burst into tears after Yamal's goal.


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