Milan with "one foot out" Champions, City and Barça win by reversal

2023-11-28 23:20:03 / SPORT ALFA PRESS

Milan with "one foot out" Champions, City and Barça win by

Milan suffered a defeat which will weigh heavily on their journey to the Champions League. The Reds were defeated at home with the numbers 1-3 in front of Borussia Dortmund as the situation in Group F is extremely complicated for the Italians.

Milan had the chance to take the lead first, but Giroud made a mistake from the penalty spot. On the other hand, Marco Reus executed the penalty exactly. However, within the first half, the red and blacks equalized with Chukuwuezen.

But the Germans did not have the last word and scored twice in the second half through Gittens and Adeyemi. After this loss, Milan finds itself last with five points, while Dortmund takes the lead with 10 points and secures qualification.

Part of this group is also PSG with Newcastle, who drew 1-1 in their challenge. The French only avoided defeat at the end thanks to a penalty from Mbappe and with the point taken they move up to second place with seven points as they will play their last transfer game against qualified Dortmund.

In the other matches, Manchester City overturned Leipzig and from the score 0-2, eventually won 3-2. The English secure first place with the Germans having to settle for second place.

So, Barcelona defeated Porto with the numbers 2-1. The Portuguese took the lead first, but it took the Portuguese duo, Cancelo and Felix, to give success to the Catalans. With one game remaining, the Blaugrana lead Group H with 12 points while Porto remain with 9 points.

Atletico Madrid won with the numbers 1-3 in the transfer against Feyenoord. The Spaniards guarantee qualification as they are ranked first with 11 points in Group E, although they will discuss the group leader with Lazio.


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