"My hand shot my son", the touching confession of Edmond Tupja: He told me 'I have you, brother or father'

2024-05-06 10:58:20 / TRENDING ALFA PRESS

"My hand shot my son", the touching confession of Edmond Tupja: He

The writer Edmond Tupja has made a touching confession about his family's struggle with autism. Invited to "don't hit them with a ball", Tupja has narrated a touching moment, as he raised his hand on his son who suffers from the spectrum of autism, because he did not let him sleep for days.

Edmond Tupja:  The moment that shocked me the most in my life was when the boy was diagnosed with autism. There was no violence yet, but there were sleepless nights and we were not allowed to sleep. I wrote in the book "pain forgives love". During the sleeping hours, the boy's bed was on my side, not on my wife's side because she was tired, devoted herself endlessly, she is the heroine of my family. She gave up painting, she was a good painter. He gave up illustrating children's books.

We had sleepless nights, being without sleep is terrible. Your brain couldn't relax. We had been like this for weeks, I was so embarrassed that I didn't belong to myself and at a certain moment he was talking, arguing, I was dizzy from insomnia, I saw a hand that went and hit my son, it was my hand. I was unaware of what I was doing and I hear the boy's voice "Oh, you killed me, father". Then I heard my voice "I did it well" and then I heard my son who was completely disarmed "I have you, brother or father".

This "I have you brother or father", this changed me (tears). It broke my soul, but it changed me. From then on I pulled myself together. They give you love. When his mother cooks something that he likes, he goes without feeling from behind and kisses her on the back, "mom, I love you, dad, I love you, I have you here in my heart".