The MP "explodes" the statement: Within the opposition, there are actors who want the DP to disappear!

2023-03-19 15:13:24 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

The MP "explodes" the statement: Within the opposition, there are

Democratic Party MP Lefter Gështenja said in an interview for Euronews Albania that within the opposition there are actors who seek the disappearance of PD.

According to him, the disintegration and disappearance of DP is not only of interest to Edi Rama, but also to some factors within the opposition, which he refused to specify, who, as he said, seek to take over the leadership of the opposition.

" Within the opposition, there are factors that are not interested in the merger of the Democratic Party. The most interested person in this story is Edi Rama. But there are other actors in the opposition who demand that the Democratic Party ceases to exist after May 14. There are interests of opposition forces that do not want the interests of the democrats. They have personal goals and after May 14 to take the leadership of the opposition, which they will not be able to do" , said Gështenja without naming names.


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