Partizan midfielder, Arinaldo Rrapaj: I want Vllaznina in the final, in the end we win

2024-05-19 09:30:46 / SPORT ALFA PRESS

Partizan midfielder, Arinaldo Rrapaj: I want Vllaznina in the final, in the

In the regular championship, sometimes it seemed as if he had lost his streak from Vlonjati, but yesterday against Skënderbeu he gave a performance full of class and competitive spirit. We are talking about Arinaldo Rrapaj, the guy who "remotely controlled" the ball for Bintsuka, serving it straight to his head, enough to shake Alia's net. After the match, Rrapaj spoke to the media. The midfielder is looking for Vllaznina in the final, to hold a match between giants and in the end the "bulls" will win.

Arinaldo, it looked like a simple victory from the outside. Was it the same on the field?

No, it was not simple at all. We ran and sacrificed everything. Even the guys in the locker room were tired to the max. For this reason, we enjoyed the victory very much. We appreciate everyone's effort, after we made a sacrifice, we won and we go to the final to enjoy and win that match as well.

Which one between Vllaznia and Egnatia would you like in the final?

I personally would like Vllaznina. I think it is a team with more tradition, bigger. Personally, I think it would be a very nice and memorable match with Shkodran, because both teams have the most beautiful fans in all of Albania. It would be a very nice match.

Can we say that Partizan has already reached its peak this season?

Every team has its ups and downs. I believe we have all captured our best form. Even the chunas are thankfully all back from injury and in their best form. I also talk about the players who don't start from the first minute, they can do more with us who play from the beginning.

Do you have a message for the fans?

They are the best and I hope they will support us in the final as well. It looks like whoever gets past Partizan in the final is going to have a tough time... Like I said, we've managed to be in pretty good shape. I hope we can keep up the pace. We also have a very important final and I am confident that we will win it.

Did you notice the differences on the field between Partizan and Skënderbeu in terms of quality and elements?

I think they saw the differences very well from the beginning of the game. We had our chances, despite the fact that the finishing was not correct. But with all that sacrifice and all that running we did, we scored and won the game. Six wins in a row, will you break the streak with Abilalia in the final? I hope we break that streak. I believe we will do it in the final. Partizan has many elements in the midfield.

Which one do you feel better with?

Anyway, it's not like I have preferences. All of them have their own qualities that distinguish them from each other.