"Panic code", the well-known journalist shows the figures with which Ervis Martinaj, Bajri or Gjoka were camouflaged

2023-10-02 22:02:24 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

"Panic code", the well-known journalist shows the figures with which

The journalist of Top Channel, Dorjana Bezat, invited to the show Top Story, has shown how the heads of crime in our country were camouflaged through the Sky network.

"Sky operated with a code, you didn't have your name, you had a 6-digit code, a mixture of capital letters and numbers, of underworld figures who are wanted or who have been arrested. The first code that is (on the screen in the studio) MHSE7L belongs to the former prosecutor Xhevahir Lita and so on. That is the person's code. There was a Sky app that if you panicked about being tracked by the police you entered a panic code and all your chats were deleted. Inside the app was an alternative called a panic code, where if you clicked on this code and entered a code of your own that you solved, all communications you had made on the Sky network were erased and irreversible. There were also alternatives that the messages for a period of time that the user thought were deleted, on the mobile phone they were not, but on the server they were", said Bezat.


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