Protests in Bërxulle/Tensions between residents and the police, children are also present

2023-03-19 11:51:54 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

Protests in Bërxulle/Tensions between residents and the police, children

The residents of Bërxulla are protesting again, they have been demanding for months the rightful expropriation of the properties affected by the Thumanë-Kashar axis project, it started like every weekend and today.

This time they blocked the road together with their children.

So the police officers have surrounded the residents while asking them to clear the road repeatedly, even though they categorically refused.

" Neither AZHK nor ARRSH has this road project, they throw the ball at each other. Where should I go to search, the road is without a project. Currently we are talking about the 6th month of the protest. Nothing has been set. We are behaving humanely and politely in our protest, while the state takes care. Why was the VKM changed for the port of Durrës, but not for the residents of Bëxulla?

We will block the entire axis, let the people pass through Vora. Where does this price of 4 euros for the land come from, the last contract was 52 euros per meter, the law says, I don't have to go to court. The state has every opportunity to solve this and does not move. It's crazy, we can't allow it. We will escalate the protest every day, not once a week, " declared one of the residents.

" We will not allow any fadroma to come to our lands. The state will not like it for us who have 6 months on the road. It's been so long that we can't sleep at night. We have run out of patience, neither the Ministry of Agriculture, nor the Ministry of Infrastructure, nor Belinda comes to ask", said one of the protesters.


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