Italy, a dead girl is found in a church, suspected of ritual murder

2024-04-12 19:24:56 / BOTA ALFA PRESS

Italy, a dead girl is found in a church, suspected of ritual murder
Italian police said yesterday that a 22-year-old French girl who was found dead in an abandoned church in northern Italy may have been part of extreme games or a trap of a more sinister nature. dark.

According to reports, blood was taken from the body of the deceased.

She had told her family about her travel plans before the body was found in the church in the Valle d'Aosta region, a police spokesman told CNN.
It is not known whether she had set out of her own free will in search of "ghosts of the church", or whether she was enticed to come there by other parties.

Police said the death could be linked to a 'ghost hunting competition' on social media taking place in France, while other theories spoke of 'consent murder' or 'human sacrifice.'

The police said that there are two missing persons reports for this area and the cases may be related.

The spokesman said that the victim and a male companion were seen in the area "dressed as vampires". A witness told the police that the girl looked very thin and pale, while the man had dark hair and olive skin.

The witness said the girl looked like "a dead man walking".

The victim's identity has not been released, but officials said the deceased was shot with a camping knife and left to bleed to death, according to Coroner Roberto Testi.

While the wounds from the two gunshots on the body, it is suspected that they were inflicted after death.

A good deal of blood was not found at the crime scene, police said, adding that there were no signs of a struggle.

The victim was wearing beige tights and a sweater, underneath a long black coat. She had no documents or mobile phone when a resident discovered the decomposing body.

District prosecutor Manlio D'Ambrosi said that they are investigating the presence of a vehicle near the abandoned church, without further details until the end of the investigation.


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