The meeting between the Serbs and the Kosovar appointed President of the European Green Building Council escalates into violence

2024-06-18 19:23:11 / KOSOVA ALFA PRESS

The meeting between the Serbs and the Kosovar appointed President of the
In Zurich, Switzerland, the first meeting of the European Green Building Council was arranged last Saturday under the direction of the new President, the well-known Kosovar businessman Bledian Ramadani. This meeting started well, according to the points of the day, where the acceptance and handing over of office was officially done for the new President, but surprisingly, in the part where the election of the latter begins to be debated, the Serbian representatives are the first to ask for the floor hard and fast.

And, as Periscope learns during their speech, they used racist labels and continuous insults towards Ramadan and his colleagues who, according to them, supported him to come to this position today. After numerous retorts between the members, Ramadani asks for his retort and starts asking the Serbian side to apologize, not that he feels personally insulted, but asking you to respect the position of the President, regardless of the fact that there is someone who they don't want it.

However, the Serbian team made up of various businessmen did not do this, and among other things, they started insulting Ramadan, for his business connections and the influence he has in the Balkans, trying to expose him to numerous business scandals. or as they call "economic crimes" in which Ramadani is involved and has successfully led them.

After a short pause with some of his advisors, Ramadani returns and begins explaining the regulation, adding, among other things, that the position of the President gives him the right to veto both for exclusion and for membership, and without hesitation he says that more less than an hour after taking this post, he is forced to take advantage of this opportunity by immediately excluding and freezing all funding for the Republic of Serbia from this moment on, effective immediately.