Are you passionate about brands/ Get to know the most expensive brands in the world

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Are you passionate about brands/ Get to know the most expensive brands in the
There are many people in the world for whom the most important thing is a name, and only it determines the quality of a thing. The most expensive clothing brands are designed for people who are completely oblivious to price.

From the point of view of psychology, in this way a person rises above others and feels their feeling. In psychology, there is a special concept of the "dream brand", which gives its owners tremendous importance. Indeed, what could be cooler than a man in the clothes of the most expensive brand and with an iPhone in his hand? Maybe just stars...

Our article is based on the BrandZ database, which annually compiles the top 100 global brands. And it turned out that the most expensive clothing brands in the world are affordable for each of us.


The company, founded in 1964 by a student, for half a century has become the most expensive clothing brand (24th in the world). Phil Knight started by buying sneakers in the Asian market and selling them in America. Then he developed his own shoe design, and Phil borrowed the idea of ​​a sneaker cushion from his wife's grave iron. And things went smoothly.

Apparel, sports equipment and sponsorship of athletes and teams are Nike's core business. The Converse brand is also controlled by the company.

Currently, 95% of all American basketball players wear Nike shoes. The company employs more than 63 thousand people.

Nike is currently worth nearly $11 billion and is also the most expensive brand in sports. And annual net profit reaches more than 3 billion dollars.

Interestingly, the products themselves are sold at quite affordable prices. For example, a men's T-shirt for training can be bought from 2 thousand rubles, and sneakers from 8 thousand.


Known around the world, the French fashion house is in the silver medal among the most expensive clothing brands and 30th among global ones. Louis Vuitton is positioning itself as a luxury manufacturer and is a leader in the number of counterfeits.

The company was founded in 1854. Louis Vuitton, the inventor of the modern suitcase, gave birth to many things. So, for example, a travel bag made of canvas was transformed over time into portable and light bags, which people associate with a luxury item.

Today Louis Vuitton is clothing, accessories, bags, jewelry and alcohol (Moet, Hennessy and Widow Clicquot).

This company is expensive and makes expensive things. Luxury items from Louis Vuitton are not cheap - women's clutches and bags start at 100 thousand rubles, and travel luggage - from 150 thousand.


Spanish clothing chain, developing more than 10 thousand new models every year. Moreover, the time from design development to implementation at the exit of the company takes very little time - 2 weeks (with an average of 6 months). This makes it possible for Zara to keep its hand on the pulse of fashion at all times in the absence of sold goods.

Such a policy has led to the fact that Zara customers, knowing that the range in stores is updated every 2 weeks (and is not sold for more than 4), are more likely to visit them. There were times when all the goods in the outlet were sold. And, if the average Spanish store sees the same visitor three times a year, then Zara - 17 times.

The cost of a dress from Zara starts from 3.5 thousand rubles, women's boots - from 9 thousand rubles.
Another French fashion house, which constantly "steps on the toes" of Louis Vuitton. This is one of the oldest companies in our country, founded in 1837 as a riding outfit.


Over time, Hermes began to produce only luxury perfumes, clothes and accessories. The net profit of the company is about 3 billion dollars a year, and the number of employees exceeds 9 thousand.

According to the cost of production, this is the most expensive brand of all presented. Today, an Hermes purse costs at least $15,000 and a purse costs at least a thousand.


Swedish brand, the largest European clothing retail chain. They started as a women's store in 1947. Then they added men's and children's clothing, housewares and cosmetics.

Today, the products are sold in 4,000 stores in almost all countries of the world. The company cooperates with many famous designers - Sonia Rickel, Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, as well as world stars.

H&M women's coat costs from 7 thousand rubles, and men's shirt - from 1000.


Italian manufacturer of perfumes, textiles, clothing and accessories. After Louis Vuitton, it is the largest company in terms of sales.

It is interesting that after the death of the founder Guccio Gucci in the 70-80s, the quarrels of his sons practically led the company to bankruptcy. But only the public issue of shares and the hiring of talented managers saved Gucci from the final collapse.

Today, the company's profit is at least 2 billion euros. The brand owns 100% of the shares in Yves Saint Laurent, as well as full perfumes Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen.

Gucci is betting on the sustainability of its business. Therefore, since 2018, he completely refuses to use natural fur in his collections.

Gucci women's bag costs at least 120 thousand rubles, and sunglasses start at 20 thousand.

The French fashion house that brought haute couture to the streets of Paris. In addition to clothing, they produce cosmetics for men and women, underwear, socks, accessories and perfumes.

The turnover of the trading house is 24 billion euros per year. The number of employees is more than 76 thousand people.

A men's shirt from Dior costs at least 20 thousand rubles. A women's outfit - from 35 thousand.


Italian company from Milan, owned by a private person. Mario Prada, the founder, with the help of soft and exotic navy leather managed to attract buyers of beautiful travel bags./