It is revealed who brought together Ervis Martinaj and Durim Bami at the height of the war

2024-05-28 23:03:38 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS

It is revealed who brought together Ervis Martinaj and Durim Bami at the height

The crackdown of the SKY ECC encrypted messaging application, which then led to the SPAK action known as "Metamorfoza 3", revealed the plan of several people engaged to kill Durim Bami, the well-known underworld figure from Fushë-Kruja .

Arben Ndoka, Ervis Martinaj, Astrit Avdyli and others were after him to kill him at the request and order of Ndoka and Martinaj.

This war in the underworld of organized crime was taking place during the year 2020. But as the war between the parties was raging and each of them was chasing the other with the intention of killing him, an unexpected meeting took place.

The Uniko show from Spartak Koka to Klan Plus, which has the SPAK file for this operation, has learned that on September 14, 2020, Ervis Martinaj met with Durim Bami and Valteri Bami with the mediation of Behar Bajri, the latter from Shkodra, part of a criminal group in that city.

The news of their meeting got out and immediately spread in the SKY ECC chats of the characters involved.

Arben Ndoka communicated with Bardhyl Mavraj and the latter asked him if he knows that Behar Bajri is the person who enabled Durim Bami's meeting with Vis Martinaj.

The former MP Ndoka responded by saying that he is aware as Ervis Martinaj himself informed him. In another conversation between Martinaj and Marklen Haka, dated September 14, 2020 after the meeting with Durim Bami, Marklen tells Vis Martinaj that he should not trust the Bami brothers.

Even Vis tells him that "now that they have met me, I will be more careful of you, they know that I do not trust them".


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