Dalic "vents" at the conference: Croatia is great, we deserve respect, Albania is not Spain

2024-06-18 21:05:53 / SPORT ALFA PRESS

Dalic "vents" at the conference: Croatia is great, we deserve respect,
The number one of Croatia's bench, Zlatko Dalic, came to the conference before the European match against Albania.

" We knew this match would be important before the tournament, we want to get through the group, we are not discouraged after Spain. We know we have to be better than in the first game, we are happy with everything, we prepared, we did what we had to do. You know that Vlasic abandoned the rally, another problem happened to him.

Albania is not a rival with the same quality as Spain, but it deserves a lot of respect. They are motivated and organized, we have to be patient and careful. We know our goal is to win, we will be more attacking, we want to do better. Against Spain we also had the ball, we had more chances, but now we have to be even better. There will be changes in the composition, we will decide later.

It wasn't nice to lose the first game, it wasn't a nice feeling. We were always underestimated, nobody believed in us and we won three medals. And we are the most successful after France. Croatia deserves greater respect and honor. Three medals, England won one in 58 years. They are golden, and we are worthless. We are young and brave, this is proven by the presence of 100 thousand Croatians in Berlin, our results show that we are better than we look. I know there is a lot of pessimism after the defeat, but I hope we can be real again, the way we are, we are looking forward to this. And we don't care what others say.

We achieved everything because of hierarchy and togetherness. The first is quality, the second is that order, that hierarchy. This is very important for me and for older players. It is important for all of us.

The key tomorrow? Patience. We must be smart, live to the end. We must not lose our temper, rush, ask for something by force. We have to get there with our quality and our game. We go for three points, but we have one more point because of the last game. Patience, aggressiveness, an approach that will guarantee us to be competitive is essential.

Debate of Petkovic? There is no need for these topics. The players, the staff and I talked, I also talked to Bruno, everything was resolved. Tomorrow you will see if he starts. The player is important to us. No tension, we don't need it, you know my style. I want peace and a pleasant atmosphere, we have it, there is no need to emphasize anything else together. We know the order, that's how we continue ," said Daliç.