How many inhabitants are left in Albania?! INSTAT postpones the Population and Housing Census

2022-08-26 07:50:03 / AKTUALITET ALFA PRESS
How many inhabitants are left in Albania?! INSTAT postpones the Population and

The Institute of Statistics (INSTAT) announces the postponement of the field data collection activity of the Population and Housing Census for the next year.

"In the conditions of non-provision of the necessary means for the collection of information in the field, it is impossible to carry out this activity. The Institute of Statistics remains committed to its objective to conduct the Population and Housing Census in accordance with the standards and recommendations of the United Nations and the Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat)," the official announcement states.

This is the second time that the development of the Census has been postponed. The first time the postponement was due to the situation created by the pandemic.

Then, INSTAT decided that on October 1 of this year, the Population Census would be officially launched, for which the necessary preparatory steps were developed during 2021.

INSTAT's annual report stated that this Census was expected to last 6 weeks.

According to INSTAT, during the year 2022, all the necessary materials for the implementation of the Census in October 2022 would be finalized, as well as the work would continue with the reflection of possible improvements resulting from the findings of the Pilot Census and then the consolidation of all applications, manuals, training materials and other support materials.

How many inhabitants are left in Albania?

Officially according to INSTAT, in January 2022, the resident population of Albania was about 2.8 million inhabitants, from 2.9 million inhabitants that was in 2011 when the last population census was done.

In recent years, the natural increase of the population has gone to zero due to the increase in deaths and the decrease in births. Adding to this the high rates of emigration, the cycle of which has been revived in recent years, no one knows what is the real number of residents who currently remain in Albania.

On average, according to INSTAT, net emigration has been about 30-50 thousand people leaving during the last decade./Monitor/


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