The money, the process and the unsolved PPP of the Tirana incinerator

2023-12-09 23:25:39 / IDE NGA OLA XAMA

The money, the process and the unsolved PPP of the Tirana incinerator

1. Money

In the three years of the Tirana incinerator investigation, 34 million euros were paid from the state budget and another 20 million euros from the waste disposal fee for private operators. This money was not found in the coffers of the concessionaire company 'Integrated Energy Bv Spv' at the time of the seizure and what was seized was not some extraordinary technology of value for waste management, but a landfill whose capacity is being exhausted and which has no drainage plants and endangers the health of the surrounding residents.

From the beginning of the implementation of the concession contract and until today, 60 million euros have been paid from the state budget and another 40 million from the fee of private operators for waste disposal. 100 million euros in total.

The money has been proven to have gone into the hands of Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtir, but so far the investigations have shown us only two officials who have benefited: Alqi Blako and Vladimir Bezhani.

If Zoto-Mërtiri managed to profit 100 million euros by spending 200 thousand euros on corruption, they would be the biggest fraudsters in human history. What has been done with other millions of euros, the investigations should tell us, hoping that something will be returned to the citizens by tracing the chain of money in Albania, Bulgaria and Switzerland.

2. The process

The granting of arrest measures to two senior officials of the Municipality of Tirana should not be the end of the investigations, as the doubts of the public opinion to go and verify above cannot be extinguished by being limited to these actions.

In the case of Arben Ahmetaj, justice showed us when there is a will to investigate the gene. There was a check of the apartment, phone, entry - exit abroad in the Tims system and interrogation up to the cleaner's husband.

Before this high standard of investigation, for the incinerator of Tirana we see a lukewarm investigation, only with findings of what came out of Zoto's computer examination, procedural documents sent by the Parliamentary Investigative Committee, investigation of the fictitious company scheme made ready from LSI and the launch of several mail orders abroad.

3. Unbleached

The request of the Municipality of Tirana for PPP waste management, its coordination with the Ministry of Environment and the sharing of information with Klodian Zoton is a part that is shown in the file, but which has not been disclosed. The part about why there should be prison for the executor and not for the customer is also unclear!?

Who made the request for PPP, Veliaj or Simixhiu with Tusha? Who was coordinated at the policy level for an incinerator and not a landfill with the Ministry of Environment, the directors of the Municipality or the mayor? Were they appointed to the commission themselves and acted of their own volition or were they appointed and received directives? This is not known.

Some other parts separated from the file seem strange, such as the accusation of corruption for Zoto, but not for Mürtir and why it has been proven that both of them are beneficiaries of the incinerator's money.

On the other hand, the payment for the brewery equipment that Bllako had requested was made by Zoto's wife's company, but there is no doubt or accusation about him or her company that corrupted the beneficiary (Edmond Bllako's company).

Or, for example, the fact that security measures were taken for two KKB employees who registered the beneficial owners without accompanying documentation, but for the administrator Herman Daniel Vermuelen who filed false data, there is no charge.

Neither for Vermuel, nor for the Italian investors who cooperated in this fraud scheme by providing documents and were aware of the fraud that the Integrated Energy company was doing with the preventive measures and the tariff calculation. They actually enter and leave Albania freely, seeking to continue investing in the Tirana incinerator...


These doubts must have an answer from justice starting from the head and not from the tail, since it is the head that makes decisions that affect our lives every day. I don't say arrest, but investigation. And not for the sadistic pleasure of the crowds that have as their favorite sport the fall of a powerful person, but to keep faith in the reformed justice that investigates everyone with the same standard and that helps to increase the confidence of those who govern us.

If I were in their place and had not done anything, I would hand over the computer, phone, documents, house and car keys to the Special Prosecutor's Office. "There you have it, check it out and let's close this song that has been sung for years!" This gesture would increase my values ​​in front of the citizens and make the opposition ridiculous. But as I said above, if I had not done anything.


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