Black envelope in BBV! The event that shocked the residents

2024-03-03 22:09:12 / SHOWBIZ ALFA PRESS

Black envelope in BBV! The event that shocked the residents

Another unusual event has shaken the most famous house in Albania today.

Sara and Franceska almost end up in a physical fight because of their arguments.

It all started with Franceska, who asked Sara to fix her clothes, calling her slimy.

Sara took Franceska's insult very badly and returned it with the same coin, insulting her.

What culminated in their arguments was the moment when Frančeska was in the toilet and Sara went behind the door, wanting to enter with difficulty, so that both would end up in the toilet and in this way they would go head to head in the nomination.

When Franceska came out, she pushed him with force, causing them to argue in high tones, not stopping with their insults.

All the residents were shocked by this unusual event, some of whom tried to calm Franceska while the rest tried to calm Sara.

Just a few minutes ago, a black envelope arrived at the house, according to which Big Brother has declared that he no longer tolerates the residents at all. According to the envelope, televoting has been canceled and residents will be notified on Tuesday.

" Residents, Big Brother no longer warns you. Televoting is cancelled. Talk to you on Tuesday. "


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