Enkel Demi attacks Rama and Fuga: I will remain a thorn in their brains...

2023-03-21 15:45:55 / POLITIKË ALFA PRESS

Enkel Demi attacks Rama and Fuga: I will remain a thorn in their brains...

The host of the ABC News morning show, Enkel Demi, blasted today at the television station where he works. Footage of Demi's reaction went viral.

"Starting today, we will see each other from eight o'clock until close to ten o'clock. Not by our desire, but that's how this ABC thing is done, add flour and add water, here we are.

We wish all the best to Bashkim Hoxha, who started today, all these moves were a bit of a surprise. Union remains a friend, in the end it does its job. The others are not worth discussing.

I have never agreed with these things that have happened at ABC, you know I have remained the only brave one in the fight. I'm not being fired, which means Morning ABC will continue.

It's not true that I didn't think of leaving myself, but in the end I remembered a verse by Miggen that said: I will remain a thorn stuck in the brain of humanity. So if you give me another five minutes, I'll go on ABC television and say what I think.

There is no need to discuss the others because those who have the imagination to make this television, as you can see, are doing it extremely well. How much with work, how much with my hands, how much with my feet and so on," said Demi.

The images were also distributed by journalist Artan Hoxha, former employee of this TV.

""Left eye"... This is what they say, to "gouge out your eyes" o Kel Demi...", he writes.

We remind you that this television ended up in the hands of Prime Minister Edi Rama and is being managed by his spin-doctor, Endri Fuga. Of course, Sokol Balla, who works in two Rama media simultaneously, is also involved in management.